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===== stereo 2.5mm serial port for seagate goflex home ===== first i had my step-dad drill a hole. because he has a drill, and likes to use it. luckily it ended up in the perfect spot on accident as the case for the phone jack rested on the top of the enclosure. i could have added a spot of super glue, if i had some. :( {{ http://goflex.scottn.us/pix/IMG-20110427-00024.jpg?500 }} {{ http://goflex.scottn.us/pix/IMG-20110427-00023.jpg?500 }} Then I solder it all together and squeeze it in. I recommend *NOT* using 30ga wire just because you have some stored with your soldering iron, because 1 broke when I was trying to get the board back in, and another broke after it was secured down. umph. {{ http://goflex.scottn.us/pix/IMG-20110427-00029.jpg?500 }} I guess I didn't take any pictures of the other end. Darn it. Well, put the lid back on... {{ http://goflex.scottn.us/pix/IMG-20110427-00030.jpg?500 }} Et voila {{ http://goflex.scottn.us/pix/IMG-20110427-00031.jpg?500 }} Now put it back in it's hole, beside the HP t5510 thin client all snug. Guess I need to disable EWF and put the serial cable drivers on there eh? {{ http://goflex.scottn.us/pix/IMG-20110427-00034.jpg?500 }}

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