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The peek is an email only device. Product web page is [[http://www.getpeek.com/|here]]. == August 25th, 2010 == Well, it does what it needs to do, I think. Really quick hacks, but what the hell.. It's an SMTP server, so you need to be able to take incoming port 25 connections. The SMTP receiver is really quick and dirty, with kludges for parsing T-Mobile emails coming as MMS (buncha attachments come with it) and SMS gateway (they base64 encode it). Here's the shit: [[http://scottn.us/downloads/facebook-smtp.c|shit]] == August 3rd, 2010 == I've downloaded and compiled the finch client of Pidgin. I will tear it apart, and build a way to use facebook chat via email! of course, this will then be easily extended to any IM network available in libpurple (which is about all of them). First step -- single-user client. I doubt it, but I *may* make it a hosted app for everyone, but honestly it may just end up being a client you run on your PC (or router) that logs in as you can forwards to/from an email address. I like the router idea. Works in well with [[wrtu54g-tm|T-Mobile HiPort WRTU54G-TM]] stuff.

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