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Welcome to my wiki. These are the more permanent things I do, that I thought warranted documentation that can be edited, unlike the random posts to my blog. **DISCLAIMER**: I'm fickle. So I work on stuff, lose interest after about 2 weeks or until I learned enough, and move along. The WRTU54G-TM episode was actually a few months. I learned a lot, even if I did little. Mostly I learn a bit, and do little. So nothing here is probably in any "active" status. ====== new firmware mod ====== I got tired of the wifi speed in the 2.6 kernel and went back to the official firmware. I realized that I only used it for ssh port forwarding into the LAN, and dnsmasq's lovely DHCP DNS lookups. So I did another official firmware injection.. I'll document it more later, but here's the new v1.00.25 with telnet server (and dropbear but you gotta read /root/readme about that). http://wrt.scottn.us/wrtu54g-tm-v1.00.25-ns.bin login: neutron pass: scott Yeah, I left root's default password (whatever the heck it is). If you dunno how to make 'em, "mkpasswd -m md5" on a real machine, or failing that: http://dmr.ath.cx/misc/pwd/ Despite attempts, 'passwd' on the router won't work. It segfaults :O

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