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This needs reorganized. Maybe dates and openwrt svn revisions... ugh ====== OpenWRT devel build 5 ===== * Fix wifi again. build4 didn't send beacons. I must have not incorporated all the right parts of Helmut's patch, or rt2x00-git is much different than compat-wireless-2011-01-06, or the rt61pci doesn't fetch beacons periodically. So now it fetches them, and it's handled in the irq, since this is what caused CPU to be eaten by handling it in thread or even tasklet... hrm!!! ====== OpenWRT devel build 4 ===== * Started with a fresh checkout of openwrt trunk r24978. * Hopefully fixed wifi issues. Helmut Schaa made the patches against git-tree, I applied them manually to the compat-wireless in trunk. * Ported my MTD map from backfire: the kernel+rootfs image is split on first boot to speedup future boots, and jffs2 is formatted on firstboot like it should be. ====== OpenWRT devel build 3 ===== * Upgraded to Linux 2.6.36! * LZMA loader totally faster. RAM->RAM expansion now, the super slow lzma read() callback for FLASH is gone (thus can boot it with TFTP/serial)! Also passes boot arguments to kernel. * kernel reads cmdline from bootloader. Also memory size. * Re-worked ethernet driver to use platform_device instead of pci_device. Now the source is very small and customized to our chip, and I will eventually have an easier time adding switch/phy driver. (maybe performance improvement too since less code...) ====== OpenWRT devel build 2 ===== * Fixed same bug I originally had in backfire's NOR map. Squashfs detection. Virgin routers found the recovery squashfs, and that squashed the partition table :( * Disabled Wifi LEDs to see if it improved performance :( ====== OpenWRT devel build 1 ===== * Initial release based on kernel

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