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====== WRTU54G-TM: Other Firmware ====== ===== ttylinux ===== Douglas Jerome is working on getting [[http://ttylinux.net|ttylinux]] working on our router. It's a generic command line distribution. I've been helping where I can to ensure the kernel supports what he needs (initrd and maybe a better mtd map). My first successful boot: http://wrt.scottn.us/ttylinux/bootlog.txt ====== Old Firmware ====== Please don't use these unless you need to. I kept these around because they might be informative. * [[wrtu54g-tm:firmware|pre-openwrt stuff]]: including an official firmware with dropbear! * [[wrtu54g-tm:openwrt-old|OpenWRT backfire]]: uses 2.4 kernel and weird legacy wifi drivers.

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