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====== Project Status ====== This page was a mess of nonsense. Let's get to the real deal. What needs fixed. If anyone cares to help, request features, donate, or just shoot the shit, email me: neutronscott at scottn ... I also accept friend requests on facebook or twitter, same username. I'm so lonely :\ ===== bootloader ===== I got stuck on a tangent of getting u-boot replaced so that hopefully if you are following each build, and burn a broke image, the bootloader will be accessible without a serial cable. netconsole was giving me problems due to errors in network code (seen by first 2 TFTP transmits timeout, you notice that?). once i fixed that, netconsole shows everything twice... so i'm ported the latest u-boot 2010.09 release. still everything twice. turns out the network card driver wasn't MIPS-friendly. fixed that too. hah. why spending so much time on something thats purpose is served in 3seconds... shrug. i'm learning a lot about MIPS 4K specific code :D it works, but the image is huge. old u-boot came with a bzip2 loader. but without even touching that, i see a bzip of the binary is still just over 64k. i will use lzma-loader from openwrt. :) ===== OpenWRT backfire (linux kernel 2.4) ===== I'd probably recommend this build since wireless and usb (somewhat) work. - nls_base is missing from kernel if built without an nls set... gayyyy workaround i made a tainted module: http://wrt.scottn.us/nls_base.o for now. - more config options need dealt with by /lib/wifi/rt61ap.sh ? - figure out why only usb1.1 storage and cell phones work. usb2-storage and soundcard did not. ===== OpenWRT trunk (linux kernel 2.6.36) ===== Somewhat in order: - [**DONE** again] lzma-loader: ported backfires work into trunk. it's fast again. - [**DONE** maybe in b4?] rt2x00/rt61 wifi driver performance! uses up all of the CPU. - USB: i think the usb stack is less forgiving than linux2.4, and i seriously think i shouldn't have removed the resistors. sooo maybe it will work after a hardware change. - export our GPIO pins using gpiolib instead of /proc/adm8668/buttons - get at least GPIO working off VINETIC chip, so power LED can be controlled! argh. - ethernet work: switch driver. vlans. pass MAC address from boot code to ethernet driver, rather than hardcode FLASH address of said MAC address into driver (say what!?) [its in u-boot environment and BSP_CFG_AREA...]

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